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Immigration Altarpiece: A Gossamer Cycle of Immigration 

This painting is for those who have yet to experience racial profiling on a daily basis; how it affects family, livelihood and greater opportunity. The question to be asked is, how do we see immigrants, as well as ourselves within the evolving community? My project is a painting triptych that symbolizes the crossroads of self-identity and immigration within the Hispanic community. This piece directs our attention to the ongoing complexity of immigration and where we see it fitting within the times we currently live. It is inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's, Garden of Earthly Delights. Artists such as: Wassily Kandinsky, Diego Rivera, and Pablo Picasso also served as inspiration for their use of line, movement color and cultural reference. I chose to do an altarpiece style triptych because this convention has strong religious reference within the Hispanic community. This oil on Masonite painting is part of a series that is meant to evoke change. It’s meant to stop the hate that is spread so easily and bring forward what really matters; that we are all the same, we’re all one. I’ve come to realize that although we may come from different upbringings, we share one common goal, and that is love. I may not be successful at stopping all racism, sexism, bias, etc. with my art, but knowing I tried, that’s what truly matters. This piece represents an important moment in time within our current history and community.  Encapsulating the cycle of immigration and focusing our attention on the moral questions of good and bad. Art has the power to spread this message, so that one day we can judge not with our eyes but with our minds.



The Process
Inspiration: Garden of Earthly Delights
Progress: Half way done
Title: A Glossamer Cycle of Immigration
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