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Artist Statement

Everything around me has influenced what I have become as a person and especially as an artist. Growing up in a traditional Hispanic home has taught me the value of hard work and how to respect all forms of life. Some of my influences include, Keith Haring, Willem de Kooning, and Wilfredo Lam, for their use of line work and variation of colors.


My mediums include painting, printmaking, and drawing. With the use of gestural line work and color I am able to capture certain essences that is influenced by personal experiences and current social issues. My work is a disfiguration of my own reality that is meant to evoke a sense of pleasure and unease. It is an abstract visual representation of vague retinal stimulation that is interpreted by the observer as continuous pareidolia.

My art deals with the unexpected moments in life which are meant to hypnotize, to keep the viewer constantly in wonder of what’s going on as they delve deeper into the layers of movement. The colors and strokes create a sensation of play that tell a story with the use of simplified figures where one is able to create their own story within each image that they see. Abstract thoughts navigate the brush to create an image of what cannot be heard but rather experienced.

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